Revolutionize Your Content Delivery

Content Delivery Platform for Enterprise Knowledge

Antidot is a SaaS company that leverages over 20 years of advanced research in semantic search, artificial intelligence, and content accessibility to develop Fluid Topics, the leading AI-powered Content Delivery Platform for product knowledge.


Content is fetched from various sources: textual documents, structured and unstructured records.


To become actionable information, content is turned into fine-grained elements, enriched and reconciled.


Applications and processes access information in a contextual and tailored way.


Content consumption is analyzed to increase engagement proactivity.

Fluid Topics
AI-powered Content Delivery Platform

The Fluid Topics Content Delivery Platform brings your knowledge to life. Embrace Content-as-a-Service and gain the full strategic value of your content. Transform the way your team operates by giving them the capabilities they need to create engaging digital experiences.

Turn technical documentation
into a game changer.

Reinvent the user experience
when interacting with documentation.

Get up and running quickly
with a rich and intuitive portal.


Disruptive technologies

Antidot is at the forefront of innovation in content technologies. Search and enrichment engines turn massive amounts of raw content into actionable information, reinventing the way people and applications access and use that content.


Revolutionary search technology that powers true insight engines


High performance content classification driven by machine learning

Trusted by over 120 companies

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