Searchandising E-commerce

The embedded e-commerce search engine that boosts your business by 30%

Stop wasting business

73% of e-commerce visitors leave a website within 2 minutes if they don’t find the product they’re looking for. You invest a lot in traffic acquisition, don’t let these visitors go to waste. Optimizing your on-site search is essential: improve it to leverage your marketing strategy and your existing merchandising rules.

AFS@Store is a SaaS solution which is easy to integrate in your website or e-commerce platform and comes equipped with the most advanced searchandising features. AFS@Store customers report an increase in conversion rates of 30% or more.

Guide your visitors


As soon as they enter a few characters in the search box, Web users are guided by a smart auto-complete function powered by your business data. AFS@Store suggests keywords, brands, products, product categories and more.

The tool detects spelling and typing errors, and a semantic extension algorithm based on customizable thesauruses or dictionaries can suggest a “vermilion skirt” to a Web shopper searching for a “red skirt”.


AFS@Store applies contextual, hierarchical facets to the list of search results so that visitors can refine their search and find the products they want more quickly.

Each field in your catalog can be used to create selection filters, and you can also define customized facets for certain product categories or families, or even for each merchandising strategy.

Understand shopper behavior

With its visual, intuitive interface, AFS@Store provides everything you need in order to monitor your search engine’s technical performance, including response times and system load. It also helps you understand the behavior of your search engine’s users: you can analyze a list of the most frequent queries, of queries that received no response, of the facets most commonly used, etc.


M-commerce ready

AFS@Store’s functional, ergonomic and graphic integration runs within a multi-channel, multi-screen front office: PCs, smartphones, tablets, connected TV, etc.

AFS@Store is natively designed for mobile applications, whether they’re dedicated applications or web apps. It’s also optimized for use on mobile networks, with a reduced volume of information exchanged between the server and the terminal.

And with AFS@Store’s geolocalized search functions keyed to the address of each shop, you can drive traffic to your point of sale via your website or mobile application!

“In the first month alone, we increased by 212% the conversions, got 128% more transactions, and multiplied by 5 the number of orders generated by a search.”

Pascal Sanchez, General Manager, Expé

Ready to run and integrated with your e-commerce platform

AFS@Store is offered as an industrial Software-as-a-Service solution. It unloads your infrastructure: the highly scalable cloud architecture guarantees responses in milliseconds, even during peak times. Don’t invest in an oversized platform just to cope with holiday season and sales traffic peaks!

Setup takes just a few hours and you enjoy a flexibly priced monthly subscription with no upfront investment needed. Or you can integrate the product into your e-commerce platform and manage it internally.

AFS@Store is compatible with leading e-commerce platforms including Magento, PrestaShop, OScommerce and OXID eSales. It also integrates with most web stacks: PHP, Java, .NET and more.


For Magento-based sites, AFS@Store is available as a plug & play extension that integrates advanced search right into Magento, replacing the default search engine in just a few clicks.


AFS@Store can be embedded into any PrestaShop site. Its search module replaces the default search option of PrestaShop through a very simple configuration.