Outdoors specialist Expé was founded in 1983 and features 8 stores in the Alps and in Paris.
In 2000, the company pioneered a merchant site that was recently overhauled using the Magento platform.



Expé’s catalog includes 10,000 products and 250 brands, and addresses all the needs of outdoors and mountain lovers. Like many sites built on Magento, Expé experienced the limitation of the internal search engine: inefficient suggestions, no tolerance to typos or misspellings, basic filtering.

Implementing AFS@Store

Ecommerce expert Jetpulp audited Expé’s technical infrastructure in 2015 and recommended searchandising solution AFS@Store, with a clear purpose: increase the ratio of post-search conversion. In order to demonstrate the ROI of the product, Jetpulp deployed an A/B test during one month. Thanks to AFS@Store’s native integration with Magento, it only took two days of work to fully deploy, configure and skin the platform.


Results from the test were speaking for themselves. The metrics below were obtained after just one month of using AFS@Store. With the support and expertise of Jetpulp, all of the goals set by Expé were reached.


Increase in conversion ratio
after a search


Increase in number of transactions after a search


More transactions
after a search

Luc Romano, President of Jetpulp

“Two years ago we were contracted to help Expé get their merchant site back on track after disastrous performance. After redesigning the site and creating a mobile version, it became clear that optimizing search was a top priority. This is what we suggested that Expé deploy AFS@Store.”

Solène Pringolliet, Web Manager at Expé

“Magento’s default search engine wasn’t efficient. It would even deliver erratic results, for example when search for a word like ‘ski’ – a real issue for a mountain sports vendor! We needed a relevant search engine to improve search results and boost conversion. Jetpulp suggested we integrate AFS@Store and we never looked back! We can even run marketing campaigns inside the search results.”