Oogarden is the French leader in the distribution of gardening products. The brand offers more than 6000 references in the world of garden design, gardening, children, garden furniture, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, pet store… Oogarden also has several showrooms throughout its territory – France, Belgium and Germany. The brand has been present on the Internet for more than 10 years.

Search in the world of gardening

moteur de recherche-ecommerce-jardinage

Oogarden’s site has several special features. One of them is the control of the in-house publication tool. Indeed, the IT team develops its platform with the goal of being in control and fully autonomous. The historical choice of .net architecture has been proven, no major overhaul was necessary to make the system evolve and scale over time.

The site’s internal search engine is the only brick that Oogarden wanted to entrust to a specialist. Search requires special skills, and Antidot’s experience has been a key factor in the choice.

The AFS@Store search engine has been selected for many reasons

First of all, a complete functional coverage in perfect accordance with the customer’s requirements: search performance, tolerance, complete back office, self-completion and efficient search services.

Another element was key: AFS@Store is used to generate all the filters for browsing and catalog access. Therefore, navigation by category, attributes of each family, sub-family, etc. is generated by the search engine. It’s a great simplification for the IT team, which can devote itself to other tasks while guaranteeing unparalleled performance and flexibility.

moteur de recherche-bricolage
moteur de recherche-ecommerce-bricolage

The construction of the pages involves several search queries combining numerous criteria for selecting the results.

Research in the gardening world also has its own specificities:

  • Extensive catalogue (at least 12000 references) in 2 languages.
  • Large families with vague requests, implying the ability to organize results.
  • Dedicated landing pages with privileged results, shown in priority in self-completion. Indeed, almost half of the most frequent requests are general requests such as “doghouse”, “grid” or “greenhouse”. The best possible answer is to show that the dedicated page exists and to encourage the user to go there.
  • High seasonality with large differences in volumes to be processed.

Benefits of AFS@Store


Complete functional coverage for needs: tolerance, relevance, automatisms.


Manage multiple content sources: catalog, categories, editorials, campaigns and promotional campaigns.


Centralization and simplicity of the tool, back office and administration.


Scalability and SaaS to handle seasonality.