Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics

Unlock the delivery of technical content through any channel

A game changer for documentation

User guides, technical and reference manuals, installation and maintenance manuals… these aren’t merely ways to document your products – they are also tools for winning business, increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty.

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Reinventing the user experience

For users, nothing is more frustrating than browsing thousands of pages of HTML content and perusing dozens of PDF manuals – all of which is often poorly cross-referenced and equipped with extremely limited search capabilities.

With Fluid Topics, you (almost magically) transform static documentation into a lively, simple and interactive online publishing system. All of a sudden, your users can browse, read, search, annotate, comment, create alerts, send feedback to writers – and even create personalized documentation.


Intuitive and ready to run

Fluid Topics offers a rich and intuitive user experience on all devices: desktops, smartphones and tablets. By increasing accessibility to your documentation and promoting the variety of ways in which it can be used, you reduce support costs, increase customer satisfaction and expand their commitment to your ecosystem.

Fluid Topics is a complete solution that is immediately operational. You can either use the out-of-the box full-featured and highly customizable portal, or you can insert graphic and functional widgets in an existing site or extranet, and even integrate Fluid Topics into your applications and information system using the rich platform APIs.

Technology-driven platform

Based on Antidot’s ultra-fast semantic search engine and advanced classification technology, Fluid Topics natively offers all the functions your users expect: smart autocomplete, spellchecking, filters which dynamically refine searches, search suggestions, application of your business dictionaries, and more.

Fluid Topics embeds all of Antidot’s technology and know-how in a packaged solution optimized for technical documentation.


Fluid Topics is a SaaS platform that reinvents usability and accessibility by unifying all forms of technical documentation that exist for your products.