Taruqa is the most advanced enterprise search technology available.
It connects all your information to any delivery channel, adds context to searches and provides results that are always relevant.

Go beyond the search box


In a world of apps, virtual assistants and augmented reality, your users don’t access information the way they used to. The need to use these new devices to distribute existing sources of information dramatically increases complexity: whereas the type of content once determined the delivery channel, now content has to fit into those channels.

Virtual agents such as Siri and Cortana, messaging platforms and virtual reality devices account for an evergrowing share of searches, and set a new standard for user expectations. Sounds out of reach? It isn’t. Taruqa’s insight engine paves the way toward these modern interactions and opens a world of possibilities for your business.

Tomorrow is about context and relevance

Like never before, the search function needs to adapt to the context of the query and to the preferences of the user. It needs to dynamically integrate more and more parameters to deliver targeted, personalized and contextual results. It also needs to address diversified and unstructured content.

And unlike before, results need to be accurate and relevant. Gone are the pages of approximate search results users have to browse through. Taruqa’s insight engine alleviates all limitations of existing search engines and allows you to deploy the most advanced search-based applications.


The query is the equation

Taruqa’s query language provides the highest degree of flexibility in how the rank of each result is computed for a given query. The selection and scoring function of information is not hard-coded nor hidden in the indexing or document evaluation process. It is rather expressed in each query in a high-level structured language, human-readable.

Taruqa compiles on-the-fly the search query into a mathematical equation used to evaluate and rank results. Any attribute can be used dynamically. And thanks to the underlying consistent model, the relevance is simply the highest that can be achieved.

Beyond semantic content

Taruqa applies the same consistent and robust model to all types of items: textual terms, booleans, numbers, quantities, etc. Any of the metadata and parameters can be used dynamically to express queries.

Because Taruqa analyzes content beyond just text, it can relate and compare “twenty feet” and “1 kilometer”, but also “July 4, 2017” and “today”. Whatever may increase relevance, Taruqa easily takes it into account: document freshness, content rating, number of ‘likes’, product availability, etc.

Flexible facets

Within the search query, any facet can be treated as a hard filter, or simply as a priority or sorting criteria. This makes it easy to customize queries at search time, in order to optimize the relevance and precision of the results. Thanks to the dynamic nature of the query, switching between “filter” facets and “priority” facets is a no-brainer and directly impacts the results returned.

With Taruqa’s flexible facets, a search “within 50 miles” will still return hits located 52 miles away, but will rank them lower. And searching for “items between $50 and $99” can also include $49 and $100 in the results.

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