Use case search engine on ecommerce website easyparapharmacie

Easyparapharmacie is a leading online pharmaceutical products reseller. Created in 2007 in the south of France, the company is now expanding internationally, and growing: from 12 m€ revenue in 2014, it is aiming to exceed 50 m€ in 2018. The Magento-based commerce platform references over 15,000 products and processes hundreds of thousands of transactions each year.

Searching pharmaceutical products


Pharmaceutical products are not search-friendly! Brands are complex to remember, product names are difficult to spell, many terms are vague and require assisted answers to make relevant suggestions.

With only 20% of visits, the internal search engine accounts for over 50% of all transactions. The conversion rate after a search is 5 times higher than for other site visitors. Optimizing the search experience is therefore a strong business requirement.

Capabilities sought by Easyparapharmacie

Find easily

provide relevant results in all cases, regardless of the keywords used, even when spelled incorrectly.

Provide guidance

the search engine should help the client, from entering the first letters of a query, until the most relevant results are returned.


properly presenting the offerings is paramount, a result page can be no more random than the way products are displayed on store shelves.

The technical team tested different solutions, starting with Magento’s internal search and all the way to customized open source technologies, but none could address all of Easyparapharmacie’s needs.

Easyparapharmacie selects AFS@Store by Antidot

Find easily

AFS@Store is relevant from the moment it is deployed, and with no customization effort. The engine is self-tuning, based on over 10 years of permanent feedback and learning from billions of transactions. The user searches with complete freedom. Multiple strategies apply: typos, similar sounding, singular/plural, synonyms, etc. 
The result is always relevant, no matter how the catalog is structured and how the query is written. Users always find what they are looking for.


Provide guidance

The best result page depends on the nature of the query!

  • When searching for a brand: that brand’s landing page
  • When searching for a product: the product page
  • When searching for a generic term: a navigation page

AFS@Store helps clients purchase more easily a product they find faster.


Moisturizer in the winter, sunscreen in the summer, dietary complements in the spring: promotions and animations change all the time. Easyparapharmacie’s search engine influences the client. The digital marketing team can easily send the visitor to a landing page, a category page, a blog post, etc. The engine can also show a banner ad for selected queries.



conversion after search
(all things being equal, month to month)

Benjamin Denizart, Technical Director at Easyparapharmacie

“AFS@Store is really a perfect fit for us. Its Magento compatibility enabled us to deploy a relevant and typo-tolerant search engine in just a few clicks. This was the first time we were getting this kind of value with so little effort. Our clients now find the products they search for, and the results speak for themselves!”